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Wrap Your School Bus

Brand your bus with a custom vehicle wrap

What is a Bus Wrap?

A bus wrap, more generally known as a vehicle wrap, is a specially printed film that is applied to a vehicle. When applied, the wrap can transform the vehicle’s look with bold colors and sharp graphics.

Many organizations utilize bus wraps to turn their vehicles into marketing tools. A wrapped bus is a mobile billboard that can communicate a variety of consistent, branded messages. Often times you will see sports teams and colleges, or universities wrap coach buses, but wrapping a school bus can be a cost-effective way to achieve the same result.

Why Wrap a Bus?

Bus Wraps are a great way to show off your brand and share your message with a wide audience. When you wrap a bus, you can have a travelling billboard that provides you with more opportunities for impressions along with the ability to get to eye level at specific attractions, events and landmarks.

When you’re looking to make a big splash a bus wrap can be a great visual statement that is highly visible and integrated into your overall marketing plan.

How Much Does a Bus Wrap Cost?

Pricing for a bus wrap varies but a good ballpark price is around $7,000 to $12,000 based on the design and amount of vehicle coverage.

Wraps range in coverage from full vehicle, to partial vehicle, to decals. Our price includes printing, installation and removal.

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Why Bus Advertising?

Camp Directors:
Summer Camps have utilized bus wraps to show off their brand. They have found it generates more brand recognition and drives more parents to enroll their children at camp. Showing up at a parent’s home in a wrapped bus also conveys more professionalism and can drive more positive feelings towards the camp.

HR Professionals/Employment/Hiring Events:
HR pro's can use a wrapped bus to communicate that you are hiring and is a can be a great way to find candidates. In a tight employment market, creative recruiting efforts can be the difference in getting candidates in your pipeline.

Marketing and Event Professionals:
Wrapping a bus with your company or event branding is a great way to generate awareness. A wrapped bus can also be a great way to make a splash with new news like new product releases or upcoming events. A bus wrap could even pay for itself if you could sell it as advertising space at your event.

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