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Why a Camp Bus Driver Can Make All the Difference

Why a Camp Bus Driver Can Make All the Difference

Wondering how to get your kids to camp safely and efficiently? As you make the big decision of what transportation company to trust, remember the importance of bus drivers (in addition to the company’s safety reputation, of course). Here’s why choosing the right bus drivers can make all the difference for the children and teens at your camp.

Make camp even more awesome.
For many kids, camp is the highlight of their entire year. Far from fading into the background, bus drivers actually have significant influence over campers’ experience. By leading the riders in camp songs or cheers, asking trivia questions or riddles to engage critical thinking, or inviting campers to share their favorite camp memory each day, a bus driver can get the kids excited for each bus ride—even the sad journey home on the very last day.

Reassure parents and boost the camp’s reputation.
Nothing makes parents happier than when their kids are happy. Great bus drivers not only reassure parents that they chose the right camp, but they can actually boost the overall reputation of the camp.

Prevent bullying and promote good behavior.
Reduce insecurity, promote confidence, and teach respect. What better way to serve children and teens? A good bus driver creates a positive, welcoming atmosphere where campers won’t be bullied so they can be themselves and enjoy the ride. At FirstCharter, we train our drivers in behavior management and intervention, so they know how to handle any situation appropriately.

Share kindness.
Toss a pebble in a pond and watch the ripples. Some campers may appear never to notice their bus driver’s smile and kind words, but some will cherish those exchanges for a lifetime. The best part? They’ll get off the bus and do the same thing for others.

Transport campers safely, every time.
The best bus drivers truly live by the motto “Safety first” because they understand how important it is to put their young passengers first. A bus driver who can safely navigate the obstacles of their daily route puts parents at ease and allows children to just enjoy the ride.

At FirstCharter, our drivers undergo rigorous safety training. We have been rated 1.8 times safer than the national average and are the only company in the industry to have been awarded the coveted National Safety Council’s Green Cross for Safety® medal — the highest award for safety in North America.

For over 90 years, FirstCharter has been a trusted source of transportation for camps across the country. Learn how our drivers’ extensive training and our safety credentials make us a great fit for your campers this summer!  

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