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So, You Want To Rent A Bus For Your Wedding Day?

So, You Want To Rent A Bus For Your Wedding Day?

Wedding planning is full of so many intricate parts that it’s sometimes easy to forget things beyond what the flowers look like or the food will be. Thinking about what could be a mundane part of your day may go right over your head. Transporting guests or the wedding party from one place to the other is easy to forget. Don’t forget transportation and make it an event with some of these tips!

#1 Be Unique
How many times does an adult get to ride a school bus, let alone during a wedding? Take a step out from the traditional wedding limos and cars and rent a party bus! Not only will it have plenty of seating for transporting guests, but it can also be a great party bus for your bridal party! It will most definitely make your wedding a day that no one will forget!

#2 Think About Your Guests
If your ceremony and reception are separate or you have guests from out of town staying in a hotel, a school bus is the perfect way to transport them from point a to point b. It saves confusion and parking spaces and brings a fun environment to something as simple as being on the road. Having a bus for transportation brings character to your wedding or event that none of your guests will forget.

#3 Book Early
Booking ahead of time is easier than you think. Like most parts of wedding planning, school bus transportation usually needs to be booked ahead. But unlike venues, cake testing, or getting the perfect wedding dress, booking a party bus can be done entirely online—there is simply no need for an in-person visit or meeting. It’s simple to sign up online and easy to book well in advance so you are free from extra stress leading up to the wedding.

#4 Save Some Of Your Budget
There are lots of expensive decisions when planning your wedding; make this an easy and affordable one. If you book with FirstCharter, your prices will be $60- $150 an hour. You’ll be able to transport your guests or wedding party without breaking the bank. Make a memory and get to your locations safely and affordably.

How Do You Book?
Booking with FirstCharter is as easy as filling out this form. By putting in your contact information, event information, and a few other steps, you’ll be able to get the quote and information you need to book a school bus with us. Take your wedding to the next level with bus transportation!

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